About Linda Varos

When we desire to live life from the place of our higher self, we begin the journey of Joyful Transformation. Your intention has already launched you!”

My circle of guides and anchor of angels have been an integral part of my life since a near-death experience in childhood, along with several other ecstatic and mystical experiences.

I have walked in awareness of two worlds, weaving life experiences between them, sometimes being guided, sometimes falling down to have my eyes opened again.

The gifts of clairvoyance and mediumship arrived at different periods, leading me to assist others on this collective awakening journey now for more than 45 years – as a Shamanic guide in the Akasha, a channel, a medium, a consultant, an energy healing facilitator, naturalist, artist, and author.

People often come to me for expanding their awakening or intuition. Others wish for deeper answers to life’s issues, either past, present or future.  Sometimes their deceased loved ones stop in to deliver a message or to share their loving support.  When I am guided to enter the client’s energy field, remotely or in person, past life experience or physical suggestions may arise with clarifications. Each reading is unique and directed by their guides.

My life journey has been patiently directed by my Angelic Guides and the Holy Spirit, who work with me during Readings, through narration in the liminal dream state, in the field of Akashic Records, and through Creative Journeying with Nature. This path has been one of Personal Shamanism combined with Charismatic events.

As a published fairie artist and amateur naturalist, I enjoy the gift of a romantic eye, experiencing color, the miracles of nature, and the  elemental realms of nature with a swooning appreciation.  As an Herbologist, and a Certified Eco-Art Therapist, I also guide others through a Mind/Body/Spirit evolution by connecting creatively with Ceremony and Nature, whom I call The Divine Connector.

I am honored to guide you on your journey of transformation.

Linda Varos

Work With Linda

Linda Varos is an Awakening Alchemist, and creator/guide of ‘The Path of Personal Shamanism’ (TM). She has been called a modern day mystic, after numerous spiritual and real world experiences including; a near-death event in childhood, and a mystical charismatic event in adulthood, partially witnessed by a priest. She is a Clairvoyant-Medium, Artist, Author, LMT, Energy Healing Facilitator & Teacher,  Eco-Art Therapist,  Herbalist, Naturalist, and Spiritual Activist.

She has worked one-on-one with clients around the world, from global peacemakers to rock stars, for more than 45 years.

Linda describes herself as an Awakening Path teacher and guide, an Alchemist of Awakening.

“Everyone is at their own particular place on the journey of living an awakening life. We all get stuck at points along the way and no single methodology can provide a solution for everyone. My work is to share a variety of tools and solutions gifted to me through my Angelic Dream Guides, and from mystical experiences. As a Channel, I am here  to support the evolution of your ‘personal transformation’. “

Contributing Author to the Common Sentience Series from Sacred Stories.